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Financial planning isn't just about the bottom line; it's about goals, dreams and purposeful planning. By bridging the gap between financial and life planning, we help you design a program that connects money with what matters to you.


At Silicon Private Wealth, you are at the center of everything we do. The Schwab and Fidelity investment platforms and other vast resources give us the tools to create solutions for you.  Our custodians, research and technology are activated to design a financial plan for what matters to you and your family. We offer a wide range of investment vehicles available on US exchanges and are not locked into any one-fund group.



We know that our relationship to our clients must be based on active listening. We listen when you state your goals, your fears and your risk tolerance. Once we have ‘heard’ your goals, it is our job to implement a long term investment strategy and thesis that reflect your goals.

Our founder, Patricia Williams, is especially interested in listening to women who invest. As more women begin to manage their investment decisions, Patricia believes it is imperative that we understand the challenges our female clients face.



Our co-founder, Rick Mordesovich, said it best: “I want my clients to sleep well at night, and that may mean I don’t.”

The mistake many people make right now is to rely too heavily on ‘passive investing.’ While we are big fans of lower fees and modern market solutions like Exchange Traded Funds, you simply cannot expect higher returns, nor can you avoid the risks of market volatility unless your advisor is thinking every day about you, your portfolio and the overall market.  


Doing well by

doing good.


Many people today want their portfolio to reflect their ethics.

We believe that we can, as smart managers, achieve both your social goals and high returns if that is important to you.

While socially conscientious investing is not for everyone, we have built strategies and portfolios that allow you to invest in “ESG” products to align social conviction with investing.